Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Welcome the New Eurovision Business Contest

Eurovision is not only an amazing show with fierce competition, but also a big business, that benefits the artists, host countries, mobile, and TV companies. According to the rules, the host country “invests” only partly (first of all, in location, hotels, roads, etc). The major part of the expenses is covered by “The big 5”- UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. The participation fee is decided upon the state of economy, population and other factors of the country. During these years, the most expensive contests have been held in Copenhagen in 2014 ($60M), Baku in 2012 ($46M), Moscow in 2009[…]

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Eurovision Song VS Political Contest?

At this point, you could probably say that Eurovision is the most popular annual event held for the members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). During its 61 years of existence, there has always been a question mark whether the contest is really about music or not. Starting with political contexts found in the competing songs and finishing with the country votes, every year has had some controversy in it. Things have gotten pretty serious. The most notable incident happened in 1974, when the Portuguese entry was used as a coded radio message aimed for the rebel military officers to[…]

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Italy to Win Eurovision Song Contest 2017, Bookmakers Say

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Italy lead the charts and polls, but this year Italy’s got all the attention. The results may vary by the websites, many of which offer their own insights on who will take home the Eurovision 2017 trophy, but this one poll will give you an adequate idea of who’s winning the race at the moment. Not to waste your precious that you’ve so kindly devoted to us, here are the top 10 of bookmakers’ list. (Source: As always, we see Armenia in the top 10. This country has been on this list[…]

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Eurovision song contest 2017

Outsourcing Music: Is Eurovision a Song Contest or a Country Marketing Tool?

Would you elect a president who just moved to your country yesterday? You might think twice, or even thrice before doing it. But you would be ok with a performer from a different country representing yours in Eurovision Song Contest. Or would you? Well, let’s dig into the dirty Eurovision laundry because things are about to get nasty. “Eurovision is just a TV show, presidents are a serious deal,” you’d say, right? Well, let’s set the record straight from the very beginning. We’re not really suggesting that performers from other countries should not represent the participant country, we’re merely suggesting that[…]

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Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Ukraine – O. Torvald –Time

Are you one of those few people, who still believe that Eurovision is all about the songs? You got lucky with your ideal thinking, because we, Eurovision fans, have noticed its political motives long ago. Now it’s time to present the host country’s entry for this year, O. Torvald and their song “Time.” THE SONG Each year we’re waiting for the host country’s entry in a special way. We all know, that there are little chances that a country can win twice, but the expectations are still high. The rock band O.Torvald was honored to present Ukraine with a call to[…]

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Eurovision 2017 - Bulgaria

Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Bulgaria – Kristian Kostov – Beautiful mess

BREAKING NEWS from Eurovision 2017: we have the first Eurovision participant to be born in this millennium. Meet this year’s youngest participant Kristian Kostov from Bulgaria, who has just turned 17. Kristian is very young, but already has a wide musical background: the Russian edition of The Voice Junior in 2014, X-Factor in Bulgaria and is famous both in Russia and Bulgaria. Ok, forget about his age and let’s pass on to the song. THE SONG “It is dedicated to the young people promoting values in which I truly believe”, – this is how Kristian presents his song. For us, the song is[…]

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Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Estonia – Koit Tomme and Laura – Lost in Verona

We are sure that Eurovision fans and gurus have already noticed Estonia’s signature at the main song contest of Europe. If you’re new here, let us tell you about it in brief: Estonia’s songs for Eurovision almost always start with a very melodic and quiet verse, then they gradually move on to a dynamic and active chorus, and at the end, of course, they have that culmination moment.  But we must admit that all their entries have been catchy and worth listening to from time to time. You won’t believe, but this year’s song just perfectly matches the description above.[…]

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Azerbaijan - Eurovision 2017

Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Azerbaijan – Dihaj – Skeletons

Dihaj (real name: Diana Hajiyeva) will be representing Azerbaijan in Eurovision Song Contest 2017. This year, Azerbaijan is sending something unconventional for the usual taste of the country that we know. Dihaj has a background in progressive trance, and although her entry called “Skeletons” sounds more like an indie pop tune, than trance, it should definitely be on your to-hear list. But let’s get to this entry step by step, no place to hurry just yet! The Song Hear the song and you know there is an increasing audience for this type of music in Europe at the moment. For people who[…]

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Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Australia – Isaiah – Don’t Come Easy

If you’re following this year’s Eurovision, you sure heard about Isaiah. 17-year old Isaiah is an Indigenous Australian artist that rose to fame thanks to his talents. And what we love the most is people who fight for their dream and eventually get it. These are the kinds of artists we enjoy seeing on Eurovision stage because you can tell that it’s a big step for them, and not just another commercial performance. 

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Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Armenia – Artsvik – Fly With Me

If you’ve been following Armenia’s path in Eurovision Song Contest, you know they always pack a little piece of their culture in their entry. It’s like sending us a souvenir. Sometimes it’s the entire performance, in other cases, it’s just their national instrument, called Duduk (Remember Gladiator soundtrack? Yup, it’s duduk). Well, this year Armenia is sending something completely different.

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