Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Armenia – Artsvik – Fly With Me

If you’ve been following Armenia’s path in Eurovision Song Contest, you know they always pack a little piece of their culture in their entry. It’s like sending us a souvenir.

Sometimes it’s the entire performance, in other cases, it’s just their national instrument, called Duduk (Remember Gladiator soundtrack? Yup, it’s duduk).

Well, this year Armenia is sending something completely different.

The Song

If you can say one thing about this song, then say that it’s very unique.

One of the main reasons why we want to see Artsvik on the stage so much is for hearing her vocals. It seems like this girl can sing, and really sing, not just scream. If she can keep the same melodic ups and downs in her voice, then we might as well fall in love with her soon.

The song is a story of “a girl with history.” The rest of the lyrics could have been taken as a call for women empowerment IF only the authors developed a bit more into the topic.

It’s catchy, but not in a pop, mainstrem way. We’d love to hear the remix versions of the song after the contest. Now those can go really far in the European club scene.

The video

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Although there is a lot of gesticulation and confusing cultural references (not Armenian but more Eastern??), the video is very enjoyable to watch. It’s sharp, warm, and surprisingly not boring. It’s obvious that the creators put more artistic investment into the video than a “whatever-works-for-Eurovision” attitude. And that should earn the respect of the audience.

Finally, remembering the country’s portfolio in the contest, we expect a tasteful and adequate stage performance. Definitely, no cleavage and breasts falling out of the dress (Greetings to Poland!).

Before that happens, get yourself a glass of wine, dim the lights and listen to the Armenian entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2017.