Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Australia – Isaiah – Don’t Come Easy

If you’re following this year’s Eurovision, you sure heard about Isaiah.

17-year old Isaiah is an Indigenous Australian artist that rose to fame thanks to his talents. And what we love the most is people who fight for their dream and eventually get it. These are the kinds of artists we enjoy seeing on Eurovision stage because you can tell that it’s a big step for them, and not just another commercial performance. 

The Song

To continue the list of things we loved about this Eurovision entry, please notice the fact that Isaiah’s team didn’t opt for flashy visuals to impress the European eye. Although, we see this style in the Australian entries every year. When other countries show off an entire Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Australia’s entry is simple, focused on the song itself and the emotions you’re supposed to feel. The minimalism is exceptionally elegant.

Having said this, it does lack the memorability aspect a little. You gotta remember the song or the artist to get enough votes. And while we agree that this is real music and an ACTUAL song, with a lyrics that goes beyond 3 words and actually SAYS SOMETHING, is it enough to win Eurovision?

The Video

The video may be a cuteness overload for many of us, but for others it’s a real deal of suffering and a broken heart. Quite frankly, I’d even lock myself in a room and sob out a few painful experiences with this song.

We say “Good job!” on the minimalism, the classic smoke, the colors, everything!

We also hope the vocals we hear in the video match the reality and the fantastic directing of the show will expand the effect, instead of distracting from it.

Even if Isaiah doesn’t take home the trophy, we are sure he is going to conquer thousands of young hearts in May. But remember girls … his love don’t come easy.