Azerbaijan - Eurovision 2017

Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Azerbaijan – Dihaj – Skeletons

Dihaj (real name: Diana Hajiyeva) will be representing Azerbaijan in Eurovision Song Contest 2017. This year, Azerbaijan is sending something unconventional for the usual taste of the country that we know. Dihaj has a background in progressive trance, and although her entry called “Skeletons” sounds more like an indie pop tune, than trance, it should definitely be on your to-hear list.

But let’s get to this entry step by step, no place to hurry just yet!

The Song

Hear the song and you know there is an increasing audience for this type of music in Europe at the moment. For people who are tired of hearing the same mainstream music on radio over and over again, can tune in for some freshness.

“Skeletons” is unique and interesting. In fact, Dihaj herself has previously said that her entry can be categorized as “unique” in the pool of all those entries this year. Moreover, the song is slightly upgraded with technology, which makes it more appealing to listen to while working or browsing. However, it might be challenging to translate the same effect to live performance. There is a kind of music that sounds better through the headphones than in an arena. We will get a better idea of this when the first rehearsals take place.  There is a danger that the song might turn into slow intervals of screams. But that, of course, depends on how well the artist will handle the performance.

Considering the painful experiences of great songs turning into intervals of shouting on stage before, we really hope this one doesn’t join the list. It’s really a shame when a song gives you a headache instead of pleasure, yet none of us can state it has never happened to them. This will, of course, depend on how well the artist will handle the performance.

Finally, let’s talk about the lyrics. It seems deep and mysterious, but if you translate this to a normal daily speech, yes, we don’t really get what it’s about. Does it have to be so complicated? There is nothing else left to do but to consider this lyrics a description of a very, very, very deep state of mind. We haven’t had that yet, but if you’ve had, please share.

The Video

Eurovision 2017 - Dihaj - Skeletons video

Overall, the video quality is great. Again, it’s dark, mysterious, and sets an atmosphere of expectation. Something is going to happen. Like, now? No, now? Now? We give up!

And it’s not like the video does not have action, it’s just that we don’t understand what the story is about. So, both the song and the video are not easy-to-grasp, I wonder what the performance will be like!

We did watch the video a few times already, but not sure if it tempts us back. I’d rather go with the audio now. Interesting to mention, although she hasn’t smiled even once throughout the entire video, she is very likable.

Overall, this is definitely one of the performances that can make or break it on the stage. If you think this is the winning entry, share your opinion in the comments below. Tell us what you liked about it and what you didn’t, we’d love to hear what you think.



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