Eurovision 2017 - Bulgaria

Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Bulgaria – Kristian Kostov – Beautiful mess

BREAKING NEWS from Eurovision 2017: we have the first Eurovision participant to be born in this millennium. Meet this year’s youngest participant Kristian Kostov from Bulgaria, who has just turned 17. Kristian is very young, but already has a wide musical background: the Russian edition of The Voice Junior in 2014, X-Factor in Bulgaria and is famous both in Russia and Bulgaria. Ok, forget about his age and let’s pass on to the song.


“It is dedicated to the young people promoting values in which I truly believe”, – this is how Kristian presents his song.

For us, the song is just “mimimimimi”. Take a huge dose of sentimentality, add some emotional stuff and season it all with a cute guy. Ta-da! You’ve got the recipe for the perfect teenage song, but will it work for Eurovision as well? Time will tell. For now, just enjoy this beautiful tune.


Waiting for an emotional video?? Sorry to tell you, but your expectations won’t be met. You’ll see Kristian’s pic in line with the whole theme, the lyrics and some mysterious smoke. Yes-yes, that’s all. So, just focus on the song, lyrics and try to live it up.