Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Estonia – Koit Tomme and Laura – Lost in Verona

We are sure that Eurovision fans and gurus have already noticed Estonia’s signature at the main song contest of Europe. If you’re new here, let us tell you about it in brief: Estonia’s songs for Eurovision almost always start with a very melodic and quiet verse, then they gradually move on to a dynamic and active chorus, and at the end, of course, they have that culmination moment.  But we must admit that all their entries have been catchy and worth listening to from time to time.

You won’t believe, but this year’s song just perfectly matches the description above. Please, welcome Koit Tomme and Laura with their dramatic love story in Verona.


For us, it’s a very typical Eurovision song: catchy, easy to join to (no powerful vocals are needed) and simple. The lyrics are also very easy to remember; no surprise, it’s a modern Romeo and Juliet story. We can already imagine the participants who announce the results of their countries, singing that key part “Lost in Verona.” We are sure, the modern Romeos and Juliets will definitely love the song, but are the Eurovision audience and jury ready to name Estonia the winner? Remember how the story of Romeo and Juliet ended?


Just four words: simple like the song. And it’s perfect in this case. On the other hand, I could also imagine a beautiful love story of a couple in Verona. BUT, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Moreover, the singers connect with their audience through right emotions and mood. Nice job!

P.S. Estonia has taken home the top prize only once, in 2001, and there was a lot of drama during the preparation for the next year’s event. You can check it out in “Estonia dreams of Eurovision” movie.