Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Ukraine – O. Torvald –Time

Are you one of those few people, who still believe that Eurovision is all about the songs? You got lucky with your ideal thinking, because we, Eurovision fans, have noticed its political motives long ago. Now it’s time to present the host country’s entry for this year, O. Torvald and their song “Time.”


Each year we’re waiting for the host country’s entry in a special way. We all know, that there are little chances that a country can win twice, but the expectations are still high. The rock band O.Torvald was honored to present Ukraine with a call to the world to stop the violence around. It’s a classic and simple rock ballad. Emotions, vocals, and the structure of the song are all in a harmony. So we can confess now, we liked it.


The video is pretty spectacular. The members of the band are standing on the pile of metal, which symbolizes what usually happens during conflicts and wars. And you’ll notice right away that the members of the band are each wearing countdowns on their chests. During the video (and eventually the song during the live show) they send the key message out to the world, and when those 3 minutes are over, people should come around and start a new way of living, with an attitude similar to a click, starting the time over.

Not sure that O. Torvald can win, but more than sure it will be in Top 10 for three reasons: Ukraine, politics and pretty good entry in total. Good luck, guys!