Italy to Win Eurovision Song Contest 2017, Bookmakers Say

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Italy lead the charts and polls, but this year Italy’s got all the attention. The results may vary by the websites, many of which offer their own insights on who will take home the Eurovision 2017 trophy, but this one poll will give you an adequate idea of who’s winning the race at the moment.

Not to waste your precious that you’ve so kindly devoted to us, here are the top 10 of bookmakers’ list. (Source:

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Predictions and Polls

As always, we see Armenia in the top 10. This country has been on this list almost every year, with just a few exceptions. Azerbaijan comes right after Armenia, with Dihaj’s unique entry this year.

Interestingly, Australia‘s also picking up on Eurovision race. We loved the simplicity of the music video and the entry, and I guess everyone else is loving it too.

Another surprise for us is the Russian entry. Whether you think it has/had great chances to win or not, it is still banned from participation by Kiev. This doesn’t come to surprise to us since Ukraine’s winning entry last year addressed very political issues against deportations of Tatars by Soviet Russia. So, is EBU really surprised to find itself in this situation? Threatening to throw out Ukraine from the contest in future won’t help, Ukraine already got its exposure last year and continues to do so this year. EBU, on the contrary, has not handled this growing issue at the right time and is not suffering from undone actions. You created a monster, EBU. Now get in there and sort it out.

Russia is getting a handful of boo’s even at Junior Eurovision, and booing to a couple innocent kids at a song contest is tolerated, this year’s ban is more than natural.

Although Italy is leading with extreme confidence, we think the chart may change until the day of the contest. Or else, it won’t prove to be true to the votes that the contest will receive during those final decisive moments.