Cesar Sampson for Austria in Eurovisionist 2018

It’s Official! Cesar Sampson for Austria’s Star at Eurovision 2018

Are you all ready to meet Austria’s contestant for Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon?

Cesar Sampson born in Linz, Austria is a very well known artist who has already participated and enjoyed a successful stint at Eurovision, 2016 and 2017 where he performed as a part of the Bulgarian team. Going back to his early days, he had a very interesting start to his career, considering that when he was just seventeen, he traveled around the world as a lead singer. Later he worked as the songwriter, vocal producer, and lyricist in several productions at the international level. He has co-written the lyrics of the Louie Austen album “What a comeback”. Today he is 34 years of age and enjoying an awesome status as a talented musician on the world stage.

From his very childhood, he loved rhythm and dance. He was naturally gifted and with his passion and hard work he has blossomed into a world-renowned artist today. Before becoming a professional vocalist, he thought himself to be a drummer. As he turned twenty he felt more to be a musician. But besides following his passion for music, he always had it in his mind to achieve a deeper motivation, and hence he started serving disabled and handicapped people as a physical therapist.

Later he entered the world of music with a different approach. He described himself with the words “The most developed instrument I own is My Voice”. Gradually he started his journey in singing and since then he has made immense progress and his talent can’t be compared as he sings with an experience and awareness level that makes a world of difference.

Cesar means music, and rhythm and true to his name he breathes music, he lives music and is a reflective listener. He has the skill and power to utilize his talent as a singer as well as a human being which is a rare quality. He is a unique, authentic and an outstanding artist from Austria who is going to make his country proud in Lisbon. All in all, he is a complete package with a soulful voice who has a very big fan following. Cesar is a part of “Symphonix International” which is a group of producers and singers that have been working extensively for the Eurovision 2018 Contest. At the contest, he will be representing Austria, singing the song “Nobody But You” written by Boris Milanov and Sebastian Arman. The song is not released yet but is likely to be a chartbuster.

His fans can follow him on twitter @cesarsampson1 and on facebook@ https://www.facebook.com/pg/CesarSampsonOfficial

Austria for Eurovisionist 2018