Spain for Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Operacion Triunfo Spain is Back for Eurovision 2018

So, what is “Operacion Triunfo”? We think there is some digging to be done, don’t you?

“Operacion Triunfo” is a talent show which is popularly known as OT in Spain. This show is premiered on the Spanish telecaster with the primary goal for selecting the Spanish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. The show is designed and produced in such a manner so as to bring a new wave of interest for the Eurovision Contest amongst the Spanish population.

Just going back in time, it was the talent show Operacion Triunfo that built the career for Rosa Lopez. She was the winner of the first edition of OT and then later she went on to win the seventh position at Eurovision 2002; Spain’s best ranking within 15 years of the contest. Now OT is back again in Spanish Television after a couple of years.

Rosa Lopez, Eurovision Song Contest Spain

Operacion Triunfo to Select Spain’s Representative for Eurovision 2018

Roberto Leal, the presenter of Operacion Triunfo announced that this show will select the Spanish representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. OT is a successful format with positive values, efforts, and training for the new performers. It supports and encourages new talents and the current season has launched a variety of social activities and interaction to generate a special link with the public.

The new format has transformed the Eurovision Song Contest’s popularity in Spain. OT is now concentrating on how to discover the new talent amongst the young competitors of Spain. It has proved to be a successful programme with a marvelous outcome and popularity and is also helping to train the newcomers for the upcoming Eurovision 2018. The programme has generated an enormous hustle in social media. Since the day of its launch, it has been the trending topic and is continuously building up an emotional support and bonding with the majority audience of Spanish ‘Eurofans’.

Just for the information, if you didn’t already know it, Spain is a member of “Big 5” and that is why Spain automatically gets the opportunity to be qualified as a competitor in the Eurovision Song Contest finale.