Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Welcome the New Eurovision Business Contest

Eurovision is not only an amazing show with fierce competition, but also a big business, that benefits the artists, host countries, mobile, and TV companies. According to the rules, the host country “invests” only partly (first of all, in location, hotels, roads, etc). The major part of the expenses is covered by “The big 5”- UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. The participation fee is decided upon the state of economy, population and other factors of the country. During these years, the most expensive contests have been held in Copenhagen in 2014 ($60M), Baku in 2012 ($46M), Moscow in 2009[…]

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Azerbaijan - Eurovision 2017

Eurovision 2017 Entry Review: Azerbaijan – Dihaj – Skeletons

Dihaj (real name: Diana Hajiyeva) will be representing Azerbaijan in Eurovision Song Contest 2017. This year, Azerbaijan is sending something unconventional for the usual taste of the country that we know. Dihaj has a background in progressive trance, and although her entry called “Skeletons” sounds more like an indie pop tune, than trance, it should definitely be on your to-hear list. But let’s get to this entry step by step, no place to hurry just yet! The Song Hear the song and you know there is an increasing audience for this type of music in Europe at the moment. For people who[…]

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